September 5-6, 2017

Welcome Back!

I post to this site every day so it’s very important to check if you’re ever absent.

This week and next will be all about getting our tools and learning spaces set-up AND setting some goals.

But first, let’s think about questions. Who asks the most questions? When do we typically ask questions? If question asking is so important….


ONE of those spaces is here, in the classroom, but another one of those spaces is online. How can we consider the value of learning in online spaces—as a place for us to ask our questions?

Yesterday, we began to think about a few things….

Our identity



These things speak to our vulnerabilities. DON’T JUDGE ME!! I AM NOT A FRAUD.

This semester we will exchange ideas with each other. We do need to challenge each other’s thinking, but we have to remain sensitive to each other’s vulnerabilities. We need to quell the fear. But we will also try really hard to take our conversations beyond the four walls of this room and of this school.

To help get us ready to launch ourselves “out there” let’s think about our online persona. 


QFT or Question Formulation Technique

Write the prompt on the chart paper. You will have 8 minutes to write as many questions as you can on your paper.

1)      Write down the questions exactly as they are said

2)      Do not stop to discuss or answer the questions

3)      Write down as many questions as you can

4)      Statements should be rephrased as questions.

Identify open and closed questions  2minutes

Put an “O” by all of the open-ended questions (questions with many possible answers) and a “C” by questions that elicit one answer (a “yes/no” question or a question with a factual answer).  Then, change one of your open questions into a closed question and one closed question into an open question.

Prioritize questions  3mins

Select 3 questions from your list. It could be the three questions they find most interesting or important or the three questions that they think need to be addressed first.

Share questions 5mins


QFT: Your Online Persona


the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.—online

FINALLY, complete this scavenger hunt and the Student Data form if you haven’t done so already. 

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