Course Summative: Blog Post #4

Evidence of Learning document due: Tuesday, January 16th no later than 11:59:59

The deadline tonight is about stopping the process of adding new tasks to the document. We need to do this for 2 reasons:
  1. The course summative will start tomorrow;
  2. There needs to be time for me to review the documents and respond to them so that students can appropriately assess. This means that if by midnight a student as 15 boxes in the document completed, the student can revise any of those 15 based on my feedback. This is t true for the student who as 8 boxes filled. What students cannot do is to continue to add new tasks past the deadline. There simply isn’t the time for me to go into students documents again and again.¬†
Tomorrow, I will go into the document. I will make suggestions where needed (where it impacts a mark) and I will give the student a new deadline. I will go in after that deadline for the last time to confirm the mark. 

Course summative is a showcase portfolio. Before I introduce the whole project, you need to finish all four blog posts and revise them according to my feedback.

Grade 11 and 12 students are considering the best literary perspective for their novels and blogging on that topic.

Make sure you are using both the conventions of a literary analysis and of a blog post.

Grade 10s will consider the themes of their novels for their last post.



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