Showcase Portfolio Platform

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from the Instruction documents….

Drafting your Portfolio Pieces

Peer Feedback

As you write the three drafts, you will submit them to a classmate for feedback and suggestions for improvement.

While your thesis should be clear to your peer editor, each portfolio piece may support a different aspect of your thesis so it is helpful to share your thesis for your overall portfolio with your peer editor.

The following peer editing sheets have been provided to you. Download and complete the relevant forms depending on which texts your partner has created.

Definition Essay

Narrative Essay

Persuasive Essay

Blog Post

Concept Map




Make sure you return the peer editing sheets to your author, and be sure to include yours when you submit all hard copies/digital copies of the portfolio process.

Teacher Feedback

Now submit each of your drafts to your teacher for additional feedback.

When your are ready to assemble your Showcase Portfolio.

  1. Read the instructions in all the documents…AGAIN!
  2. Review the rubric.
  3. Choose your Platform.
  4. Assemble the Portfolio.

If you are using your blog as your platform, make sure that all of the parts of the Portfolio are in ONE post.

See this model:

#1 Planning Post


Thesis: In Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer demonstrates that Everest symbolizes more meaning and value than what it has been credited with.

I think it is missing the “so what?” part of the thesis statement.

This portfolio really combines academic writing coventions well with blogging conventions.


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