Mid-term Reflection


Neuromancer Journal entry #7


  1. Find the quote in the text using CTRL + F. 
  2. Read around the quote. 
  3. Analyze the quote.

Monitoring your goals. 


Go to your Assessment and Reflection folder in OneNote. Locate the page called MONITORING YOUR GOALS. Complete the tasks and submit the page to me. 

Complete the Unit 2 tasks:


  • “Someone Might be Watching” in Commonlit
  • Anticipation guide
  • “The Lottery” in Commonlit
  • “The Lottery” reader’s note
  • “Harrison Bergeron” in Commonlit
  • “Harrison Bergeron” film analysis questions #5 and 7
  • “Harrison Bergeron” reader’s note
  • “Harrison Bergeron” and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms chart



independent novel. Read. Use post-it notes to capture your thinking. Create reader’s note #1. 

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