Exam strategies

  • Read the whole exam
  • Be sure you read the instructions to understand them in the context of the course
  • Work on the questions in the order of easiest to hardest
  • Pay attention to the time; allocate time for each section of the exam
  • If time, review and re-read answers.¬†

Course Essential questions: 

  • Why does society need science fiction?¬†
  • How do we use science fiction to look at our world today and think about the future?
  • What is the purpose and significance of stories about machines interacting with humans? What traits, fears, or interests of human nature do these stories reveal?
  • How do authors use science fiction to make controversial or abstract subjects more accessible for readers?
  • Can technology take authority away from humans?
  • What happens to human relationships in a technological world?
  • Is the success of a society is more important than the success of individuals?
  • How can we ready for the uncertainty of the future?




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