Work Period

Unit 3 Test tomorrow.

All course work (unit 1, 2, 3) due no later than Friday, June 4. 

Remember to return to and Collaboration space to comment/respond to your group mates’ work on either Kachalka or Dust Devil.

ISU Reader’s Notes due June 11. 

ISU Presentations due June 14-16

ISU PPT and research notes due June 16.

ISU Essay due June 22.

Final Exam June 24.

Chinese Web Junkies

China's Web Junkies: Internet Addiction Documentary | Op-Docs - YouTube


Internet addiction is a “universal issue that is becoming progressively all-encompassing as the boundaries between the real and the virtual become increasingly blurred,” Shlam and Medalia wrote in a filmmaker statement for PBS’ POV. “Through this process, we could not help but feel that something is lost in the physical, ‘real,’ everyday lives of those living in the Western world. This phenomenon, these feelings are what inspired us to take this journey.”

See Content Library: Unit 3: 3.4

Media Analysis. See Content Library: Unit 3: 3.5