Exam strategies

  • Read the whole exam
  • Be sure you read the instructions to understand them in the context of the course
  • Work on the questions in the order of easiest to hardest
  • Pay attention to the time; allocate time for each section of the exam
  • If time, review and re-read answers. 

Course Essential questions: 

  • Why does society need science fiction? 
  • How do we use science fiction to look at our world today and think about the future?
  • What is the purpose and significance of stories about machines interacting with humans? What traits, fears, or interests of human nature do these stories reveal?
  • How do authors use science fiction to make controversial or abstract subjects more accessible for readers?
  • Can technology take authority away from humans?
  • What happens to human relationships in a technological world?
  • Is the success of a society is more important than the success of individuals?
  • How can we ready for the uncertainty of the future?







Visit your classmates’ blog posts and give them some feedback. And you can reply to comments left on your blog. 


Neuromancer 1:21-15:57

Then go to OneNote: Unit 3: copy Double Journal page into your notebook. Respond/react to the first quote. 

Update your tracking sheet and complete unfinished assignments. Review the deadlines listed on this blog.

Microsoft Planner

This is a daily feature where we can share with each other some workflow productivity tip or computer hack that will help us be more effective learners. But it might also be a time when we give feedback on a process or event. And it might also be a thought-of-the-day or a connection we make to the course content.

Today, I am introducing you to Microsoft Planner. 

Go OneNote: How to: Microsoft Planner. 


Finish Hooks & Conclusions Lesson


1. Lessons 1.1 to 1.9 need to be completed. 

2. Tuesday, we move on to lecture #4 and blog post #3.