Monday, November 13, 2017

Evidence of Learning Document: Midterm Edition

For those of you who hit the Friday deadline, please review your document. If there is a row that does not have a green check mark, it means that you need to do something there. Generally, it means that you either have to revise your work or revise the level you attributed to that assignment. 

This happens when we

  1. Don’t follow instructions
  2. Are unclear about the instructions
  3. Are learning how to assess
  4. Forgotten to include part of a task
  5. Forgotten to use the rubric to assess
  6. Link in documents that do not have the right permissions set

Please check your email once per day. 

And make sure you have your Learning Skills completed.

I will be finalizing your marks, learning skills, and comments today beginning at 5:00 p.m. You have until that time to make any changes. 

If I go to your document and changes have not been made, despite having something in all 15 rows if only 9 have check marks, then your mark will be adjusted accordingly. 

For those of you who are done, or who finish during this class, or who did not submit a completed document by the deadline, please work on the following:

  • Reader’s notes Part I. Due November 14th in class. Submit hard copies to course bin. Submit digital copies to Assignment submission page.
  • Reader’s notes Part 2: Due November 21st in class. 
  • Quizlet—retrieval practice


I deserve a …

What is the connotation of the word “deserve”?


verb: deserve; 3rd person present: deserves; past tense: deserved; past participle: deserved; gerund or present participle: deserving
  1. do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment).
    “the referee deserves a pat on the back for his bravery”
    synonyms: merit, earn, warrant, rate, justify, be worthy of, be entitled to, have a right to, be qualified for

    “the book deserves our greatest praise”
    well earned, merited, warranted, justified, justifiable;
    “they clinched a deserved victory”

As you complete your Evidence of Learning Document: Final Edition, and translate that evidence into a mark, how will you talk about your learning?

What else might we say other than “The mark I deserve is ” when what we need to be thinking about is the evidence of our learning?