Odds ‘n Ends

Journal Entry #2 Content Library: Assessment and Reflection: Journal

Move entry #2 to your notebook


One of your lecture notes using the feedback I have provided to you on all your notes and the model note located on the back whiteboard. 


Update your tracking sheet and your planner.



Complete Reader’s Journal Entry #5

  • Open the PDF version of the story and do a keyword search to find the passage. 
  • Read all-around the passage in question.
  • Use the resources found in Unit 3 to support you.



Week of March 29

Given that this is a short week, with two learn from home days, I have decided to layout the week in this post. Deadlines are at the bottom of the post and listed in the tracking sheet.


Quizlet: Science Fiction Terms. To benefit from RETRIEVAL PRACTICE (one of the six learning strategies)

Exam-style essay question: See Content Library: Unit 1: 1.23

Timed writing–>35 mins

Work on Annotated Bibliography.


Unit 1 Test

  • Study using Quizlet: Science Fiction Set
  • Study the big idea for each lecture 4-9
  • Review annotation criteria.

Wednesday: Learn from home.

 I will send you a link for a TEAM meeting and I will be online from 10:15 to 11:15 should you need to ask me a question. 

  1. Complete the next Neuromancer Reading Journal Entry.
  2. Study Neuromancer Quizlet.
  3. Complete Annotated Bibliography.
  4. Finish reading Neuromancer.

Thursday: Learn from home

  1.   Blog posts 2-5. Use feedback from me to revise your posts. 
  2.   Blog post 6 is the exam-style essay question you did on Monday. Use the feedback from me to revise it, then post it on your blog. 
  3. Update your tracking sheet. 


Upcoming deadlines

Unit One Test will be held on March 30.

Blog posts #2-5 due April 1.

Annotated Bibliography due April 1

Neuromancer Comprehension Test on April 6

  • Read the novel
  • Study using Quizlet: Neuromancer set

Choose your independent novels no later than April 6

Unit 1 Test Part 2: Exam-style essay question. April 7

Unit 2 begins April 8