Communicating Your Process


Student choice is about students making choices that advance their learning.

Today, I am asking you to reflect on the work we have done together over the past few years after reading this post that I wrote last January. 

There is no right way or wrong way to respond.

You might decide to reflect

  1. on the choices you have made;
  2. on the choices you have been offered;
  3. from an objective perspective;
  4. from a personal perspective;
  5. on the role of choice in learning; 
  6. on the walls in your life; 
  7. on taking the walls down and how you have done that;
  8. or some other way I can’t think of right now :).


Assignment 3: Communicating your process

Using one of the following tools, explain your planning process for writing. Consider your audience and purpose. How will you begin your talk? What words will you choose to connect with your audience? Will you use humour? Repetition? Many of the writing techniques are also techniques used in speaking. Review your thinking about Jana Levin’s storytelling in The Moth.


Audience: Your Peers and Teacher and Other Writers

Purpose: To make visible your planning process or to inform others about how you get ready to write


Due: Submit link to the Assignment submission page no later than Dec. 22 at noon.

June 7-8, 2016

Self-Assessing feedback: Now what?

Once you all of the thinking about your learning completed on your Evidence of Learning document, review it. Ask yourself:

Do I have evidence of learning for each overall expectation?

What does the evidence say about where I am in my learning?

Does it show that I have broad-based expertise in each of the 4 categories: Oral communication, Reading, Writing, Media Studies? Level 4

Does it show that I have considerable skill across the 4 categories: Oral communication, Reading, Writing, Media Studies? Level 3

Does it show that I have some areas of strength, but that in some of the 4 areas I still have some confusion and/or struggle? Level 2

Does it show that I have confusion/struggle in many areas of the course? Level 1

Now, within that level decided on a percentage mark.

You may feel that there is overlap between this thinking and the reflective blog/Sesame post that you need to write for your evidence of learning document. There likely is. That reflection on your listening/speaking, reading, writing, and production of media text skills/use of strategies will likely clarify for you the level at which you are currently working.