Remote Learning. A new beginning.

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This week (March 23-27) we will re-organize ourselves to learn in our digital spaces. We are quite prepared for this move because we already have

  • a Onenote notebook;
  • a course folder in Onedrive;
  • a way to submit course work (Assignment submission page);
  • a digital tracking sheet.

March 23 and 24 have been set aside for teachers to plan for the move to online learning. I will communicate with you mostly through your WBE email and this blog. Check them both daily. 

Your work for the next two days is to continue re-reading Moon of the Crusted Snow, identifying places in the text that provide evidence for the big idea that you are tracking, and creating your reader’s notes. Remember that all of the support documents and exemplars for reader’s notes are in Onenote: Content Library: Unit 3. 

If you don’t have your English notes and novel, then you will have to contact the school to arrange a time to go in to get them. 

Wednesday, we will gather in Teams so we can learn how to use that platform for mini-lessons, class discussions, and one-on-one conferences. 

Remember to stay calm, follow the covid protocols, and keep the lines of communication open between us. We will get through this together. 

My contact information: 


Twitter: @wawhsroom121

Instagram: whsenglish

Last call.

Are you ready for March Break? How can the break support you in achieving your course goals?


Reader’s Notes Group Annotations. 

Gallery Walk



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