Narrative Essay and Rhetorical-Figurative Language

The Narrative Essay

Learning Goals

By the end of this activity you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate that you are learning the ways writers use writing techniques to craft engaging texts.
  • Demonstrate that you are learning to apply rhetorical techniques in oral communication.

Success Criteria

I know I am successful when:

  • I can identify the features of a narrative essay;
  • I can identify audience and purpose of a narrative essay;
  • I can create an essay outline for a narrative essay;
  • I can read for the purpose of analysing the features of a text;
  • I can identify the perspectives, ideas, experiences, and beliefs in a text.
  • I can identify rhetorical techniques.
  • I can apply rhetorical techniques in an oral presentation

Last week we spent some time learning about how writers create engaging hooks. Today, you will apply that learning and make a set of flashcards that you can use to help you study each of the hooks. 

Next, you will review the parts of a narrative essay and create an outline for an essay (but you will not write the essay). 

Finally, you will prepare and give an oral explanation of your process for getting ready to write. You will be able to choose to refer to any of the writing you have completed this year. 

Access the lessons here. 

Evidence of Learning Document–Final Edition

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