Friday, May 13, 2106

Learning Goals
I am learning to…
Apply reading strategies so we can make meaning from a text;
Read different forms of texts;
Identify the elements of a variety of texts
Use evidence to support my ideas
Explain how specific choices an author makes in terms of conventions and stylistic features affect the reader’s understanding of the content of a text.

Before you write your formalist response today, let’s have a look at the rubric. You’ve seen this one before and it is the same one that will be used for your “Transients in Arcadia” response.

The “Transients in Arcadia” needs to be submitted to, so that we have some practice using that tool for peer editing, and so that those of you who are leaving will have some experience with submitting your work this way.

“On the Rainy River” formalist response should be submitted via the Assignment Submission Page no later than Monday before class.

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