Reading like a Writer

Read “Cruel as it is, Somehow we go on”


Reading like a writer.

Writing Techniques


Your Definition Essay 

  1. according to my feedback
  2. by incorporating at least two Writing Techniques
  3. using the Peer/Self-editing Sheet

Integrating Evidence: Three examples

Botanist, environmentalist, and author Dr Robin Wall Kimmerer shows a unique fondness for moss. She muses that “I think [moss are] really good storytellers in the way that they live… And to me, they’re exemplars of not only surviving, but flourishing by working with natural processes. Mosses are superb teachers about living within your means” (On Being).

Roza’s grandmother tells her “[there] will be boys who will tell you you’re beautiful, but only a few will see you” (98).

Dr. Alexandra Symonds, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, states, “ When you fall in love, you admire the other. You look up to someone, much the way a child idealizes a parent’’ (qtd in Gottlieb).  This is exactly when love first came into your life.


Assess the Essay using the rubric


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