Exam Review

Your course portfolio is due today at 4:00.

I have left feedback on your Evidence of Learning Document: Final Edition. If you would like to speak to me about your course mark, please use this form to book time with me. Or you can email if you feel that better suits you.

Today, we will begin the exam review.  I will take some time today to go over how to write a good essay-style exam answer. You can see that there are two exam questions that ask you to write in an organized, methodical manner. This means that the answer is organized around a thesis statement and that there is evidence to support your thinking integrated into the answer.

Let’s consider the following prompt:

Your character undergoes a hero’s journey in this story. Select at least three of the steps of the hero’s journey and prove that the plot of this story is, in fact, a hero’s journey, by proving that the story matches up with these steps.

Content marks or what combination of general and specific comments will give me 12 marks?

  1. 12 general points—very unlikely
  2. 6 general points, with an illustration for each point—ok
  3. 4 general points, with 2 examples or 1 lengthy illustration—better
  4. 3 general points, with at least 2 examples both with explanations—best

Plan an answer to this prompt using one of the above formulas. Be prepared to share your thinking with the class. You have 15 minutes.

Put your thinking on chart paper and share.

Finally, we will review the True Grit essay and annotate it for content and style.

Style marks:

  1. Introductory sentence/Hook                /1
  2. Sentence variety                                      /2
  3. Spelling and grammar                           /2     
  4. Word use and rhetorical use                /2
  5. Concluding sentence                              /1

Continue to review for the exam tonight, and be prepared to ask me questions about it tomorrow.


Week of June 13, 2016

Course Due Dates:

Evidence of Learning Document:  June 17th at 4:00

The reflection component should be the last piece you do on your Evidence of Learning Document. Right? Once all the other pieces have been completed and assessed, then you reflect on your learning.

Post your Evidence of Learning Document to Sesame.

Course Portfolio: June 22nd at 4:00

The instructions tell you to submit your Course Portfolio to the Assignment Submission Page. Alternatively, you can post it to Sesame.

Exam Review: June 22 and 23 in class.

Portfolios ALWAYS  have many parts or layers to them. AND they always require many decisions to be made by you. Be sure you are finding ways to keep track of what is expected. Here is a list:

  1. Reader’s notes
  2. Write a post on the novel.    June 2nd
    1. 500-word post on your novel via a particular perspective
  3. Planning your portfolio.      June 8th
    1. Portfolio Thesis Statement
    2. Blog Post to show your planning for your Portfolio
      1. Where you will create your portfolio
      2. Potential thesis statement
      3. What choices you’ve made for the essay and media texts
  4. Drafting your portfolio        June 17th
    1. Write/Create pieces for portfolio
    2. Get Peer/Teacher feedback
  5. Finalizing the portfolio       June 22nd
    1. Link to your Blog Comment page
    2. Link to each relevant and required post: Novel and Planning
    3. All past drafts
    4. Peer Editing Sheets
    5. Reader’s notes

Always go back to the rubric to review the criteria.